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Helping Paws Hosts 13th annual Wag, Walk and Run



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Whether you prefer to run on two legs or four, you’re invited to participate in the 13th annual Wag, Walk & Run, hosted by Helping Paws. The event, which is open to all well-mannered dogs, will take place on Saturday, May 21 at Purgatory Creek in Eden Prairie. All donations raised will be put towards the organization’s mission of helping people with physical disabilities live more independent lives through the use of service dogs.

Check out Southwest Metro Magazine’s blog about the event for more information!

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Redstone stops by KARE 11



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Chef Kevin from Redstone American Grill stopped by KARE 11 to demonstrate how to prepare their Simple Scottish Salmon dish. This is a nice, light dish perfect for warmer spring weather. You can grill it at home, or stop into Redstone and enjoy your meal on their patio!

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The Secret to Running Faster, Longer



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I’ve never considered myself a runner. I enjoy working out in moderation, but I’m not the kind of person who hops on the treadmill with the intention of running for X amount of miles. You see, I find running hard. It’s more work than walking and I don’t necessarily enjoy how uncomfortable I feel after more than about five minutes of it. But still, I’ve always wondered how other people could do it. How could they run tirelessly, mile after mile, while I’m huffing and puffing after just a few minutes?

Well a few weeks ago I came across a blog post titled, “How to run longer and faster.” Needless to say, I was intrigued. I was hoping this article would have a quick-fix that would give me the secret to becoming the runner I had always wanted to be. So here’s the secret:

The women on the treadmills around me, seemingly the same age and in the same shape that I was, were running comfortably at 6.5 and above. Why couldn’t I do that?

It was then I realized that in order to run longer and faster, I had to run longer and faster. I had been running the same distance and at the same speed for years, definitely NOT pushing myself to the limit, and thus, wasn’t growing as a runner.

Duh. In order to run faster and longer, you have to push yourself. There is no quick-fix. Here I was thinking it would just happen – that the uncomfortable feeling I get when running would just magically go away, that the other people running around me were doing so by some sort of magic, not because of their own hard work.

Lately, I’ve found myself repeating this new-found mantra, “If you want to run faster and longer, you have to run faster and longer,” not just while I’m on the treadmill but also while I’m at work. If I want to become a better PR professional, I have to become a better PR professional. Sure, it may feel uncomfortable to push myself to try new things, speak up when I would normally keep quiet and make decisions that I would rather get a second opinion on, but how else am I going to keep up with the other PR pros running with me?

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Redstone American Grill in Southwest Metro Magazine



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Looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal with a fabulous glass of wine? Southwest Metro Magazine has some great recommendations, including Redstone American Grill in Eden Prairie! Redstone also has locations in Minnetonka, MN, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Marlton, NJ and Plymouth Meeting, PA.

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